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On September 12, 2017 I lost my beloved Jordan. Jordan was my 15 year old cat and best friend. I was truly devastated and literally felt like a part of me died with her. During her last year, a friend had educated me on pet nutrition.  

In November 2017, a friend of mine said she had 2 female kittens that she needed to find homes for. She had knew of my recent loss of Jordan. I wasn't sure I was ready to become a mommy to anymore fur babies because I wasn't over losing Jordan. However, when my friend began to tell me about these kitties, my heart just sank.

My friends mom had found these 2 kitties in a tree stump along her property. It looked as though someone had literally dumped them off. My friend had been keeping them at her house for the last 5 weeks trying to take care of them amongst the other pets and farm animals she had to worry about. Once she sent me pictures of the kitties, my heart was hooked.

Since my friend has brought me Pearl & Lucy, my life has been blessed. Learning their personalities has come easy.   I feel good about starting them early on a good nutrition regiment.  It's what their little developing bodies need (or any pet's body no matter what their age is!)

I would like to invite you to start learning more about pet nutrition.  We offer more than just healthy food products.

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